Retailers Need to Provide a Consistent Shopping Experience

According to this infographic posted by RetailNext, “Only 49% of consumers feel they receive a consistent experience across retail channels.”

But, a consistent shopping experience across all retail channels is what shoppers want.

Unfortunately, when retailers hear the words “omnichannel retail” they seem to believe that they need to create different experiences at different channels. This is the opposite of what they should do. Instead, shoppers want a consistent experience. Why? Because to shoppers, “omnichannel retail” means nothing. To shoppers, shopping is just shopping. And when retailers provide shoppers a single interesting experience across all channels, they become loyal shoppers.

In the age of the customer, it is foolish to ignore customers.

In today’s age of the customer, every shopping experience must be consistent and personalized. In order to create a this experience, retailers should have a thorough understanding of their customers. And in order to understand them, they “must use shopper analytics” (source: same infographic). They need to measure, understand and integrate online and offline data.

Only by understanding all of their customers can retailers truly provide a consistent experience across all channels.

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