Top 11 Best Outlets in Massachusetts

Who doesn’t love to shop till they drop? And shopping becomes even more attractive when you find bargain prices on products, even at some of the most luxurious stores. Find brands like Ann Taylor, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nordstrom, Armani, Guess, and other cheaper brands that offer their merchandise at reduced prices without compromising the quality. […]

Retailers Need to Provide a Consistent Shopping Experience

According to this infographic posted by RetailNext, “Only 49% of consumers feel they receive a consistent experience across retail channels.” But, a consistent shopping experience across all retail channels is what shoppers want. Unfortunately, when retailers hear the words “omnichannel retail” they seem to believe that they need to create different experiences at different channels. […]

What Retailers Can Learn From The Past

In a recent Harvard Biz article, Peter Merholz relates the trend at checkout toward Square and the Apple Store-type experiences to farmers’ markets and food trucks.  Consumers want to tear down the barriers between the shopper and the merchant.  They want the farmers market, not the supermarket.  They want the food truck, not the restaurant, […]

Don’t struggle with the complex aspects of omnichannel retail

According to this article, a panel at the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) “likened omnichannel to the early stages of internet connectivity after claiming retailers struggle with the more complex aspects of offering an omnichannel experience, such as personalization, seamless payments and single customer journeys.” Offer personalization by removing silos Many retailers assume each of […]

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