5 Best Christian Clothing Brands

As per a famous French saying, "Dressing is a way of life.” your choice of dressing represents your thoughts, actions, and direction in life. People don’t wear dresses merely to cover or safeguard their bodies from harsh weather, but there’s more spiritual meaning to that.

People dress up to exude status, modesty, and self-identification. Your dress represents your religious beliefs and individuality in society. With over 2 billion followers, Christianity is believed to be the largest religion worldwide.

Over the past few years, many Christian brands have emerged, influencing multiple aspects of human life, i-e. , from philosophy and ethics to fashion, constantly blending messages inspired by faith with cutting-edge designs.

These brands provide a platform for all Christians to express their devotion while embracing contemporary fashion trends. As reported by fiber2fashion, the Christian clothing sector generated $4.5 billion in sales in the United States. In the following blog, we‘ve exclusively highlighted some reputable Christian clothing brands to assist individuals looking to infuse their Christian faith into their style and needs.

5 Best Christian Clothing Brands as Per Your Needs

Explore the following online 5 Christian clothing brands and discover inspiring Christian apparel and accessories featuring bible verses, uplifting quotes, and more.

  1. Kerusso
  2. Elly & Grace
  3. 316 Tees
  4. God the Father Apparel
  5. Tim Tebow Foundation

1. Kerusso

Kerusso started in an upstairs room in 1978 by Vic Kennet, where he thought about how he could spread his love for Jesus by creating T-shirts. The Greek word “Kerusso”  means to preach. Hence, it stuck to Vic to spread the biblical-inspired quotes and preach to others about Christianity.

With products sold in over 100 countries and over 6000 stores in the USA today, Kerusso prides itself on being the premier Christian-themed apparel worldwide.

Kerusso believes in spreading their love for Jesus through t-shirts, jewelry, and gifts and partners with their customers by contributing and spreading their spiritual movement. From Apparel to jewelry to accessories, Kerusso’s varied collection features positive messages that persuade, inspire, and bring people closer to their lord. Find their versatile and stylish collection in their online store.

2. Elly & Grace

Brenna Milleville was struggling with infertility and disgruntled at her day job. While attending one of the women’s events (Be Fearless) in her church, she heard God’s whispering in her ear. And there it struck her, ” Why can’t I start my own Christian clothing company”? And that’s how Elly & Grace was born!

According to recent statistics, in November 2023, Elly & Grace shipped 500,000 + shirts worldwide and generated online sales revenue of $154,804.

Elly & Grace believes in delivering soft and superior quality apparel and the transformation gospel brings into everyday lives. Their varied catalog features huge items like apparel, books, blankets, and routine items. It is unique that Brenna Milleville designs everything in Elly & Grace. Discover their extensive catalog to have a healthier relationship with fashion. 

3. 316 Tees

Inspired by the Bible verse 3:16, which mentions God’s love for humanity, owned by a Veteran, a truth-inspired Christian apparel brand, 316 Tees, is renowned for its contemporary and stylish designs.

The founder of 316 Tees, Bryan E. Robinson, formerly an American military veteran and currently a successful entrepreneur and marketer with 17 years of experience, loves assisting others in growing their brands and discovering ways to support their ministries. 

According to a survey in September 2023, 316Tees has generated around $68,000 in gross sales within the last 12 months. 316Tees is a big supporter of Coreluv International, an organization dedicated to helping orphans and foster care children. Discover their varied apparel for men, women, and kids, from accessories like jewelry, caps, hats, phone cases, etc.

4. God the Father Apparel

When Covid-19 hit, Drew Urquhart quit his job as a digital marketing lead at a giant corporate firm. He joined a small agency part-time and decided to initiate and commit to his Christian clothing apparel brand, “God the Father.”

After finishing the agency’s assigned tasks, Drew worked on his personal dream project; because of former marketing knowledge from his senior college years, he started offering digital marketing services to many companies.

With day and night effort, “God the Father” was launched in October 2019, generating sales of almost $500,000  in its first year. The brand ardently supports the mission of giving. Not only does the brand’s apparel spread God’s message, but it also donates a 10% contribution from aggregate sales to World Vision and sponsoring children. Find unique apparel catalogs on their online store. 

5. Tim Tebow Foundation

It started in 2002 when Tim was just 15 years old; in the Philippines’ remote jungle, Tim met a child born with his feet backward and was considered cursed and negligible. This broke Tim’s heart, and he heard God speaking to him to help all those vulnerable kids out there. Later in life, he always felt his heart heaving for all vulnerable people in the world and formed the Tim Tebow Foundation in 2010  when he was merely 23 years old.

Through his exquisite apparel collection for men and women, 100%  of sales are donated to his foundation, supporting multiple causes like Night to Shine, Adoption Aid, Tebow CURE Hospital, Orphan Care Program, etc. With people’s generous contribution in 2022, the Tim Tebow Foundation generated a revenue of  $ 22 million. Support Tim by Shopping Tim Tebow Foundation’s Christian Apparel and bring faith, hope, and love to those in need.   


Although not all Christians wear specific attire to represent their faith, many others wear clothing that represents sacred texts of figures presenting their religion and culture. Wearing clothes with a bible verse goes beyond following a trend, as it acts as a constant reminder for a believer to reinforce their faith and keep God at the forefront throughout the day. That thought makes spiritual clothing a substantial part of fashion, converting the nature of fashion and designs.

Due to its sacredness and luxury with a discipline, today, Christian apparel acts as an inspiration for fashion brands throughout the world. With Christianity on the rise, it is no wonder we will witness Christian apparel emerge as one of the largest merchandise in the fashion world in the next few years.

We hope our blog on the best Christian clothing brands must’ve freshened your love for Jesus and helped you discover faith-inspired latest fashion trends that share the message of Jesus’ love and joy. Tell us which brand resonates with your faith in the comments below. 


Written by joao-q

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