8 Best Ice Cream Brands of 2024

We're all always game for ice cream, regardless of the time of day, aren't we? The only thing in the world we’ll never say no to. Our love for ice cream started from our childhood days, and we all remember the brands and the flavors that we used to pick.

Let’s revisit our old days and get to know more about the best ice cream brands in the world. 

1. Häagen-Dazs

Häagen-Dazs is a Brooklyn-based ice cream brand that caters to customers who love frozen desserts and delicious premium ice-creams. Reuben and Rose Mattus started this brand in 1961 and are committed to using high-quality ingredients to manufacture their product. The brand is known for using dense texture, pure cream, and a minimum level of air during the freezing process. 

Their main three products include Pints, Minicups, and Stickbars. They have multiple flavors like fruit & berries, caramel, chocolate, cookies & brownies, and nuts. And under scoops, they offer options like mango sorbet, blueberries, vanilla, macadamia nut, etc.

Häagen-Dazs believes in giving back to the community, so they have even invested around $1.5 million to support underrepresented creators. Their estimated annual revenue is $443.4 million, and the company has been growing rapidly.

2. Ben & Jerry’s 

Another American ice cream brand is Ben & Jerry’s, which was started in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. They first invested $5 in an ice-cream-making course from Penn State, where they learned everything about ice creams.

Later, they started their first ice cream scoop shop at a gas station in Vermont. And this was the beginning of a world-famous brand which is loved by all. 

Their ice cream flavors include ice cream pints, core ice cream pints, frozen yogurt punts, cookie dough chunks, etc. They have recently started a non-dairy frozen dessert known as Strawberry Cheesecake, which contains soy and wheat and is completely vegan. 

Apart from its delicious ice cream flavors, the brand is also known for participating in social and environmental causes. They currently have 1,390 employees and have a yearly revenue of $301 million

3. Baskin-Robbins

Founded in 1945 in California, USA, by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, Baskin-Robbins is one of the most popular ice cream brands worldwide. Everyone recognizes this brand for its ‘31’Flavors’ concept, which means each flavor for each day of the month. Even a 5-year-old can recognize the brand just by looking at its world-famous vibrant pink and blue logo with pink spoons.

Some of its flavors are Pralines N Cream, Vanilla, Cotton Candy, Chocolate, Jamoca Almond Fudge, Chocolate Mousse Royale, etc. Customers can even get cakes and shakes from Baskin Robbins. They currently have 3,665 employees working for them.

They have 7,600 restaurants globally and 77,000 employees working for them. Their last net revenue of 2022 was $2.3 billion.

4. Blue Bell Creameries 

Blue Bell Creameries was started in 1907 by some local businessmen in Texas. They first started to make and sell butter from the extra cream that was brought in by local farmers. A few years later, they started selling ice cream to the locals by horse and wagon. The name Blue Bell Creameries came after the Texas Bluebell wildflower. 

They sell different types of products like Year-Round, Rotational, Light and no Sugar Added, Sherbet, and many more. Homemade Vanilla, Cookies 'n Cream, Dutch Chocolate, The Great Divide, Mint Chocolate Chip, and other tastes are some of their best-selling varieties. The quality and taste of the products have made them a successful ice cream brand.

Blue Bell Creameries currently has over 1000 employees working for them, and their estimated revenue is over $500 million. 

5. Talenti 

Back in the 90s, Josh Hochschuller was staying in Argentina and fell in love with the concept of gelato. So he learned the skill of making gelato and came back to Dallas, Texas, in 2003 and opened Talenti. And ever since, their gelatos have become world famous. 

The premium components they utilize are a major factor in why people adore it.  They push their limits in making sure to get the best quality ingredients, be it the fragrant vanilla beans from Madagascar or the creamy mangoes from Maharashtra. 

Their category includes minibars, gelatos, layers, sorbets, and pairings. As a customer, you can get egg-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. Their annual revenue is around $13 million

6. Gelato Fiasco 

Gelato Fiasco was started by Joshua Davis and Burno Tropeano in 2007. After college, they felt that something was missing in Maine, so they started Gelato Fiasco. They first learned the skill and techniques of making gelato and eventually became one of the most loved gelato brands in the world. 

The categories they sell include coffee, pint 6-pack, flavor vault 6-pack, etc. Some of the best flavors are A Big ‘Ole Peanut Butter Pint Gelato, Caramel Sea Salt Gelato, Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Gelato, Double Caramel & Cookies Gelato, etc. 

Their current headquarters is at 2 Industry Road Brunswick, ME 04011, and their estimated revenue is below $1 million.

7. Graeter’s

One of the oldest ice cream brands in the world is Graeter’s, which started in 1870. Its founder was Louis Charles Graeter, who started selling it on the streets of Cincinnati. Later, when he married in 1900, he and his wife continued the business and started growing the brand.

They are famous for their unique technique of making ice cream in 2-gallon batches, which makes it rich, creamy, and delicious. 

Their most famous flavors include Chocolate Coconut Almond Chip, Coconut Dream Sundae, and Coconut Delight Milkshake. They even have other flavors like Chocolate Chip Flavors, Classic Flavors, Sorbets, etc. 

Graeter’s headquarters is at 2145 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, US, and around 376 employees work for them. The estimated revenue of their brand is $110 million.

8. Amorino

Amorino is a global ice cream brand known for its high-quality products. It was founded by Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi in 2002 in Paris, France. They are also famous for their delicious gelatos, which are served to customers in the shape of flower petals. They provide an option to pick out any flavor of their choice. 

Their flavors include Buscotto Amaretto, Tiramisu, Red Berries Sorbet, Blood Orange, Speculos, etc. Their other products include Crepes and Waffles, Hot Drinks, Gelato Cakes, Gelato Macarons, etc. Their limited edition products are Biscotto Amaretto and Blood Orange. 

They currently have 596 employees, and Amorino's net revenue is $3 million

Keep chilling with ice-creams 

You must have craved to have a scoop of those ice creams or gelatos by just reading the article. Ice cream is the only thing in the world that can make a grown man dance happily like a kid. If you want to enjoy the best quality ice cream or gelatos, then you know the go-to brands!


Written by joao-q

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