MadMuscles Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

MadMuscle is one of those fitness apps that frequently pop up in social media ads. Fitness apps are getting a lot of hype nowadays because it is believed that they can help you get in shape by providing workout plans that you can follow and embed into your daily routine.

However, not all of them are delivering value, as evidenced by the low ratings from consumers, while some are outright scams that charge members a specific amount of money without getting the results they expect. 

If the ads for MadMuscles caught your interest, the next question that you might have is whether they are legitimate or just another fitness app that essentially provides no value. In this article, you will gain insights you need about the specifics of MadMuscles to help you determine if they are worth your while or should search for a better alternative.

Overview of MadMuscles

MadMuscles Review

MadMuscles is a fitness app that you can access through your smart devices. You won't find a dedicated app yet for PC users, but you can visit MadMuscles' website if you want to use it on your computer.

The developers of the app market it as a workout tool that makes fitness especially accessible to busy people and makes it as cheery as possible. The target of MadMuscles is to create a personalized workout plan that is feasible and easy to follow until you reach your fitness goals.

The workout plan includes goals, equipment, and your available time for the workout. Upon registration, these factors take into consideration such as your lifestyle, body type, height, weight, diet, etc. After registration, it will provide you with a list of recommended workout plans that suit your preferences.

MadMuscles is free to download on any app store. It is free from the registration up to the determination of a workout plan. However, it is not entirely free. To continuously use the app, you have to pay for membership, which I will discuss in the next sections.

How Does the MadMuscles App Work?

After registration and paying the necessary membership costs, you will find the three core elements of the program, which include the following:

  • Workouts - it comprises the list of workouts that you have to follow in your fitness program
  • Challenges - it includes insights on how you are performing on daily challenges. You will also see the days you completed your tasks
  • Meal Plan - the program also includes a daily and weekly diet plan that you have to adhere to daily
  • Progress Tracker - you will gain insight into your overall performance. It includes information on workout and diet progress, the amount of water you drank, and a record of your weight over the periods

How Much is the Membership for MadMuscles?

The continuity of the MadMuscles program depends on the membership plan you availed. Therefore, the following are the membership plans of MadMuscles that you have to note:

  • One-Month Membership Package (Meal Plan Only) will cost you $10
  • One-Month Membership Package (Workout Plan Only) will cost you $20
  • Three-Month Membership Package (Workout Plan Only) will cost you $30
  • Six-Month Membership Package (Complete Meal and Workout Plan) will cost you $40

Can MadMuscles Deliver Results?

In my opinion, experiences on the actual program MadMuscles may vary depending on one person to another. You will still lose weight if you engage in an intense activity daily. But it is questionable whether they can help you achieve a specific goal in your body, like the abdominal, arms, legs, or cardio, without any proper diet or workout plan or guidance from a certified professional.

They also mention a few questionable statements and weird workout regimes in their ads. One example is doing bench presses, curls, bent-over tower rows, and tiptoe wall squat exercises using a water bottle. It is potentially dangerous and could cause injuries as the water bottle may collapse under your weight. Furthermore, you have access to essential gym gadgets and equipment that are more appropriate and safer.

Another thing they missed is the information about the impact of somatotypes. It is a definition used in the 1940s to categorize body types which include ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Such details are essential in determining the biomechanics and performance of a person and not as the foundation to build muscles.

What Are the Drawbacks of MadMuscles?

MadMuscles have a few drawbacks that will make them not a good way to spend your money on them. Aside from the unconventional exercises they mentioned, the following are the other factors why they may not be worth your while:

Low Ratings and Negative Reviews

First and foremost, if you search for the MadMuscles app in any app store, you will find that it has a very low rating. In addition to the ratings from the app stores, they also have an overall negative rating from reputable websites like SiteJabber and Trustpilot.

The app also has overwhelming negative reviews from past users. The complaints range from the effectiveness of the workout and diet plan to a buggy user interface, billing issues, and terrible customer service.

Issues in the Cancellation of Subscription

Most of the issues of MadMuscles come from the cancellation of subscriptions. Many reviews mention that they are having a difficult time canceling the subscription because of how unresponsive the customer service is. And once the cancellation is pushed through, there are reports that their accounts are still being charged.

Lack Features

The MadMuscles app is lacking several important features. In the ads, they are overhyping the app, but for some reason, they won't allow you to record your weight, which is important in tracking your progress. Additionally, there are reports that the timer during workouts would abruptly stop when you received notifications.

Conclusion: Is MadMuscles Legit or a Scam?

You have to remember that not all applications that you find in the app store are legit. And probably one best example is MadMuscles. Although the programs they offer might sound legit, it is not what it seems to be. Just by referring to the overwhelmingly negative comments about MadMuscles, it should be sufficient for you to refrain from paying the membership fee or even downloading it.

The bottom line is that it is still better to listen to the proper guidance of fitness and health professionals who have actual training and background instead of putting your trust in a bunch of tech guys whose main purpose is to earn a few bucks.


Written by joao-q

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